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11-27-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Marotte Marauder View Post
Those words are actually the key. They are the reasons for the Chelios, Jagr, Brindamour workouts. No one would ever recommend those workouts for others to use, it would kill most people.

The difference between regular people and superachievers in the fitness, strength and bodybuilding world is the difference in recovery rates. The top guys recover in a way unimaginable to most. This is one of the greatest "benefits" of PEDs, huge impact on recovery rate. If one can do more, more often they will advance over the next guy.
You make it seem as though every top athlete takes PEDs. You would be naive to say no athlete takes PEDs but lets not make it out to be that all of them do. PED always saddened me because it dismisses the ones who dont take them and still do remarkable things.

I consider myself pretty dam active. I work at an engineering firm 40+ hours a week, with travels its 50+. I play hockey and soccer commonly and pretty competitively. I hit the gym and work out pretty much every day of the week too. At least 4x a week sometimes two a days.

I dont take PEDs, heck I dont even take any synthetic supplements (only take 100% hemp protein powder sometimes). I dont expect any average person to do the work out I do let alone work with my schedule and lack of sleep. However it wouldnt take much to do what I can do. You have to bring your body to adjust to that. Start somewhere. Dont be easy on yourself. Always try to break through the barriers of your limitations. Work your way up.

But most importantly its diet and nutrition. I would not be able to do what I do if it wasnt for my habit of stretching everyday for 30 minutes. I would not be able to do what I do if didnt warm up the way I do or eat the way I do. I am not saying everything I do is 100% healthy. But if i didnt drink 15 cups of water a day and drank more soda or i ate Mcdonalds daily or any fast food place most of the time. I would not be able to complete half of what I do and I would not be able to get through the week.

I also dont take rest days like much of the fitness world would reccomened. Its 100% because I believe rest days is not good for me. When I take a rest day, my body takes longer to recover throughout the week. When I take a rest day, I feel like i took 3 steps back when i play hockey or hit the gym again.

Fitness world says you shouldnt do squats on back to back days. Ive heard it plenty of times before. I then heard a bunch of athletes and olympic trainers talk about how they would squat literally 6x a week. So after I tore up my legs on Tuesday with a ton of front squats and back squats and a 4 mile run. I decided to do it again Wednesday. Of course I could not do the same max weight, or no where near the amount of reps I was use to. But i did the lifts and the motions. And the soreness in my legs went away.

Typically as we all know, doing a work out that is extreme leads to lactic acid build up and then you feel that soreness for a few days. Well, I was expecting a lot of soreness. After Wednesday, I felt great. Legs never felt stronger and leaner.

Thursday I did deadlifts. A tonnnnn of them.

Sorry, that last few paragraphs seemed like I was tooting my horn, toot toot, but my point was that you got to do what works for you but dont be afriad to open up your knowledge. I use to do only 2 days a week with legs but now I have no issues and feel 10x better doing it pretty much every time i hit the gym.

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