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01-22-2004, 11:16 PM
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Everyone or almost was expecting to see a hard hitting defenceman in Sourray. I (with very few others) wasnt believing in him since I remember him as a soft defenceman (but solid in his zone) with NJ and soft with montreal (except during last playoffs run). He isnt hitting like most of you were expecting. but he isnt producing at all like any of us were expecting either.

what do you guys prefer ?

1- the current sourray :
an offensive quaterback with a very strong shot, solid in his zone, but not using his shoulder as much as he could/should (this guy is big and use his shoulder as much as rivet...whitch isnt very much often, but at least he doesnt make many mistakes in his zone)


2-the sourray you were expecting :
a hard hitting stay at home defenceman, very intense, a poor version of Scott Stevens, but still...a Scott Stevens "wanna be" that isnt too far from him.


Dont get me wrong, Sourray really impress me much. If montreal is that great this year so far...a special thanks to Sourray, Ribs, Ryder and Theo....koivu is doing his part (but not more than that).

So plz dont start bashing me on this thread. And those lovers ( la plekanec) dont start telling me that he hits everything he sees...You are always overrating your players and give them more "skillz" and "grit" then the player really has.

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