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11-27-2013, 11:39 AM
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Today I went to the gym...

I did not do my usual warm up. Which is a 500 meter row with a 10 minute dynamic stretch routine. I did a 500m row but my stretch was weak and I could tell upon my work out.

I started with a Crossfit WOD. Dirty 50 they call it, however I had to make some tweaks.

50 box jumps (2 feet) I did 1 1/2 foot simply because my gym didnt have any boxes but a bench that was about a foot and a half. Relatively easy but tiring.
50 jumping pull ups- I did 25 straight. 5 after. I am not very good at pull ups but I aimed for 30.
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood or 36 lbs. I did 35lb dumbbell swing as if it were a kettlebell.
50 Knees to Elbows. I did 15 which were not at all easy and I started to feel sharp pain in my arms so I switched to doing knees to chest on a dip machine. Easier but still tough so i did 40 to subsitute the effort
50 lunges- great for hockey
50 wall balls, 20lb ball. No medicine ball access so I just used a 25lb plat and pretend to throw and catch it against a wall.
50 burpees. Took a while, didnt think I would finish but I did.
50 double unders. No jump rope so I did 100 jumping jacks for speed.

I finished it on 30 minute mark.

After my cousin came into the gym. I showed him some mobility WOD to help him stretch out his hip joints and back. Really effective. Felt great this morning cuz of the hip stretch

We then did a Gymnastic WOD. 5 rounds of 3 handstand push ups. 7 chin ups strict. 30 squats. We did 3 rounds and called it a day haha.

Well kinda.

We then did a OLY WL WOD.
10x - 2 reps bench press for weight record. Basically you have 10 sets of 2 reps to rack up a total amount of weight in the end. I am more of a fan of doing pyramid or wave sets but this is a nice change up.

We also decided to do inclined and not flat.

Gotta say we impressed ourselves. Oh and only 30 seconds of rest in between sets.

After we stretched and relaxed

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