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A Few Comments

Originally Posted by SacredPetra View Post
I think starting a list ofconsistent sharpeners would be great!

Skated on the skates with even edges today, and while they felt less awful, they didn't feel good. When I had the t'blades on them everything felt easy, now simple movements feel wobbly and the slightest muscle shift causes huge, but unpredictable, changes in the balance and bite of the blade. I'm going to have the people at Players Bench look at them and check the holders, maybe try another sharpening, then if that doesn't help, I'll either see what Graf suggests, or spend some time on the phone with No Icing Sports.

I'm definitely not an advanced skater, so I feel a little silly that this is bothering me so much but with my other skate changes ( figure skates to Easton S17s to Grafs with the t'blades, and changing the hollow and profile on the t'blades several times) it took me a couple laps before I felt solid, I've done almost 5 hours of skating and edge work drills and I still don't feel confident with basic turns and crossovers. I just want to feel confident in my skates again!
You raise a number of points that are important.

Very few sharpeners are equally competent with hockey, speed and figure skates. Some have problems with goalie skates while handling player skates well. Likewise skaters changing skates from say figure to hockey will go thru adaptation phases.

Likewise sharpening skates for outdoor ice vs arena ice is another issue. Will not go there right now since outdoor skating does not touch the present audience.

You seem to be going thru a process of experimenting with skates, blades and sharpenings. This creates a learning curve situation. Keep notes. Once you settle on the skates everything should come together.

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