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11-27-2013, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Mkoll View Post
How often are the Oilers actually in games? Bryz may have a great year if there is no hope of winning..
Well, every game starts off 0 - 0, no? Seriously, though, it does, and that's what I meant - not coming in when you're down a bunch. Plus, the Oilers are actually in games often enough even with that.

Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
A lot of people don't really like him much & I don't get why. He's one of the better color guy's out there IMO. The WJC's have been much better since he took over for Pierre.
It's because he's boring and his lisp is annoying (**** it, it just is). I probably ascribe too much to him, but he always comes off as a puritan and a conservative in terms of moral values, both real-life and hockey related.

He's a well-meaning guy and his commentary on its own is usually decent, but I'll never overcome my dislike for him, and neither will I for Gord. In terms of actual commentary, though, they are pretty clueless on anything outside of North America, and sometimes make bold, but untrue statements in that regard. And before you ask, I don't have an example ready, I just know it when I hear it and that's when I get pissed off

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