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11-27-2013, 06:08 PM
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Just found this thread and read through some of the comments and thought I'd share what I've experienced for those who haven't started or are just starting college.

I'll be graduating in May with a degree in Sport Marketing and a minor in Business and Marketing. Finding an internship is a lot easier than people think and for me the key has been looking in places that not a lot of people are looking (Teamwork Online).

Last October as a junior I was taking a Sport Agency Management course and our semester research paper involved having to interview any sports agent and write about it. So all I did was scroll through the NHLPA website since they list every agent and contacted ones I thought would help my career. At first I called up CAA for Pat Brisson and was told he was too busy at the time to do the interview. Instead of focusing on the big agencies, I looked for agents who were located near me and the first one I contacted after that agreed to the interview. At the end all I asked was if would need any help the following summer and he told me to call him back in March. March rolled around and I contacted him and he said I could jump on with him and help out when I got back in town for the summer. Contacting him before he even thought about hiring an intern for the summer was huge because I had no competition.

During the summer I was basically his personal assistant while getting college credit (unpaid). Absolutely loved it and let him know I could easily help him while I was at school for my final year. Never worried about getting paid or anything because it didn't even seem like work. This semester I've been able to see a few games with one of his scouts to get some experience there and recently he sent me a check for all my help.

The most important part about any of this is having him as a contact with every NHL team down the road if I want to utilize it.

It's a pretty corny line that one of my professors always said but it's absolutely true - "it's not who you know, it's who knows you and who likes you."

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