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11-27-2013, 05:51 PM
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Columbus, nice arena but their atmosphere doesn't match it at all (albeit very small sample size). I went to a couple games earlier this year and made some observations.


Nice arena, better than the Bridge in that area.
HD video board. You can see lines in ours and it's not as crisp as theirs. I know ours is older.
Better ribbon boards with nice in-game stats.
Better pro-shop. I think three of ours could fit in their one.
Their Ice-Girls aren't afraid to show a little more.
They have a goal cannon. Goes boom. They like it.
A little larger and nicer game program.

Game atmosphere didn't compare to the Bridge. Crowd, in-game entertainment, video board stuff, intermissions, mascot, etc.
A lot of empty seats at both games.
The mid and upper level seats looked to be farther away from the ice than at the Bridge.
Security is really strict when you enter. But noticed ours has gotten more strict this season as well. (I wore regular street clothes both games)
Their ushers appreciate when you don't go to your seat when the puck is in play. I guess a lot of people walk by them during the game. Dunno? The usher thanked me for stopping though.

Nonetheless, I had a good time and it's always interesting to see new places. Going to away games makes me appreciate what we have here in Nashville even more.

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