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01-23-2004, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by #44_delivers
like the article said its not just scouting its developtment.
i feel we have a good crew of scouts for the habs right now(well proven), but what i truely like about our organization is that our developtment system of young stars is perhaps the best in the league.
lots of quality people are involved with this team and thats a great thing.
also our last 3 years of draft picks have been very well, and who knows there might be a sleeper or two that come out of them. i wouldnt be shocked if the best player is someone we'd never guess.
in da case of datsyuk it took him a while but look how good he is now, incredible how players can developt faster and better then players picked in the top 10 even the top 5. sometimes even lower.
I am afraid I can't agree with you there, we are getting to be one of the best but you must give credit to teams like Colorado, Detroit, New Jersey who built their teams from within, and constantly have players ready needing to be moved. You can also see the effects of Florida, Atlanta and Ottawa on the horizon. We are close to a top 5 in the league, but not yet the best. We do have a lot of young guns, that have good potential, but their just that until proven otherwise.

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