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01-23-2004, 12:40 AM
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Tootoo punked out Mark Bell, after Bell'r challenge him to drop em and Tootoo said no. Bell turned away and Tootoo jumped him. Bell was irate, and said he was looking forward to seeing him again.

But worse for Tootoo is that Vandy also was quite pissed about the whole mess. And Vandy is one of those unique toughguys that is barely 6'. If that game gets outta hand, I'm guessing that the cheap shots will be comin from the hawks.

I love to watch the kid play... but he's gonna get it one day. Sure will be fun watching Tootoo and Ruutu battle for the next several years. Ruutu to me hits harder- and doesn't charge as much. There just isn't as much hype about his hitting(just his lack of scoring..).

Anyways, The preds play the hawks in Chicago. Don't be surprised if Busshy goes after him. And if that happens, Tootoo we'll be in some trouble because Busshy just throws em. I do like the fact that Tootoo will go though... although he's gonna get the $hit knocked out of him one of these times.....


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