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01-23-2004, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Necrophile
Basically, when I'm in a situation of being in the defensive zone with the puck, I should look to the forwards (or fellow defenseman) to make a pass. If I can't find a decent passing lane and am being pressured, then you suggest three options:

1- dump/pass it along the boards
2- pivot to protect the puck from the forechecker
3- get around the forechecker

Considering I am good at getting around (not through) a player, have good speed, and can control the puck well, which option would suit me best? I would think the first option is safest in avoiding imminent threat but can often result in a turnover, while the 2nd option somewhat safely buys me time but still leaves me back to square one, and the 3rd option is the most effective in starting a defence-to-offence transition, although more risky. Should I try the third option if I'm confident in my puck control? Or should I rather spare my teammates the stress and go with option 1 or 2?

Thanks to all for the advice.
when you control the puck in your defencive zone dont be too hastey at all to do anything, when you have it behind the nuetral zone watch for whos pinching on your team and whos pinching on the offencive team, if your recieving a pass while being covered in your zone stay head-up and immideitly head away from the open slot, right towards the boards and protect the puck and wait for your oppertunities from either your players or your coverer, remember your worst option is to give a turnover, so dont be too hastey at all stay cool.
plus i think you said your good on the boards so it'll be using your strengths effectively.
good luck bro

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