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01-23-2004, 02:20 AM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids
i wasn't speaking in a general sense, like it's a habitual thing. i don't watch enough flames games to know whether iginla does this sort of thing often or not. by the same logic, does this ONE punch while iglina was down make tootoo a "dirty little punk?" not in my opinion.
I hear what you're saying...knowing guys who played against Tootoo in junior, and having read a few threads this season complaining about Tootoo (rightly or wrongly), it wasn't the first time I'd heard "punk" and "Tootoo" used in the same sentence. Can't say the same for Iginla and "cheap shot artist", which is why it caught my attention.

Just seems like the way its gone around here lately..."I love rough and tumble hockey, until its one of my guys on the receiving end...then its dirty". Not you in particular, but it just seems like anytime something remotely unsavory happens, a thread is created and the fans from each side square off. Seems rather pointless.

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