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01-23-2004, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by J-D
IMO The Habs should not depend Begin to be a 3rd line center as he is too injury-prone. He is the perfect 4th line center, though. There, he could anchor a line that could play over 10 minutes a game. Moreover, he could fill in for the 3rd line spot if an injury happens. Therefore, I'd welcome any legit third-line center (right-handed or not) when Juneau is set to retire (please be it sooner rather than later), including some of the players mentioned above (i.e Adams, Wright, Brown, Laperriere, etc.) Or you could still bring back Shaun Van Allen!
Thats exactly what I'm thinking too. Begin is a pesky player allright, but his style is writing checks his body cant cash. Thats how hes career was with Flames. In that role he should be weighting about 200 lbs, like Cooke for example. Either he puts more strength - or tones down a bit... but then he wouldnt be Steve we know.

Laperriere would be ideal for Canadiens needs. Last time I checked hes pretty much like Begin, except with 3in taller 15 lbs heavier? Also he only makes 800K now so he should be affordable even after turning UFA (after this season).

Throwing Hossa for him - no matter how much he struggles now - would be too much taking from our future though. I would start offering Perreault (for stop gap offence, Allison Deadmarsh Palffy and Straka missing from their offence) and package Kilger (body to replace Ian for near future) with him.

I'm dreaming Habs checking lines look like this after March 9th:

Sundstrom Laperriere Ward
Langdon Juneau Dackell

Next year:

Bulis Laperriere Ryder
Sundstrom Begin Ward

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