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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I'm struggling to figure out how a 12 manager EXP team could accumulate 47M. I suppose his 12 EXP is spread out sparsely between last season and this so he had some prize money to burn I suppose.
If you have manager experience greater than 11 and you do not log-in for 3 days, then your manager experience decreases by 1. The manager took over his football team during season 10.

--From the guide:

"Manager experience

Every manager gains experience automatically by playing the game regularly. For each day that you log into your team you gain one point of manager experience. For three days of inactivity you lose a point. Until you get to 11 points you don't lose points for inactivity. Once you reach this mark you will not drop below it. The number of points that you have determines your level of experience. The higher your level, the more benefits you can enjoy. Warning! Experience is tied to your team and if you lose your team, you will have to start gathering experience from zero."


Today I am thankful for a 4*, 6/6, 400+ OR, universal winger in the first pull of the season.

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