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11-28-2013, 02:44 AM
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I think people know that I was always a pro-management guy, back with Burke, but with Murray, as well. I obviously don't feel inclined to change my view on that in the slightest. While the re-tool did take longer than anticipated at the beginning, it was done remarkably well, and even with our lack of playoff success, with those years being our equivalent to a "rebuild", that's more than decent. However, setting up this position is just half the battle, and arguably the easier one. We're now reaping the rewards of the great work, but we're now moving towards contention, and I don't know if a team has ever been re-tooled good enough to win a cup entirely without help being brought in from the outside.

Now (and I'm using that lightly, because I'm not counting this year as a contending or "window"-year) Murray will have to show he's as capable at moving the right pieces around when the right deal is available. It's something that's equally requiring patience, maybe even more, because you can always pro-actively trade away NHLers and help a re-tool, but you can't control when potential key pieces become available elsewhere. You can control what you do when that happens, and have to be wise in analyzing which deal is worth overpaying on, because that's what the competition usually makes you do for those potentially missing pieces. It's going to be a different challenge, but he's certainly earned confidence.

EDIT: One thing I particularly love is how one of his allegedly worst deals in giving a 2nd for Cogliano and giving him that contract has already turned into a move illustrating great vision and would have to be in the pro-column.

Originally Posted by Markus078 View Post
He signed two outstanding contracts with Bonino and Palms.
... would definitely put the Beauchemin contract in that category, as well. Fantastic market value.

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