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11-28-2013, 09:06 AM
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Something else in regards to Giroux:

10-11: QoC: .821 (4th FWs) Corsi rel: 14.1, (2nd) Corsi On: 8.12, (2nd) Zone start: 49.2%, On ice sh%: 9.42
11-12: QoC: .805, (3rd FWs) Corsi rel: 6.9, (4th) Corsi On: 7.81, (4th) Zone start: 48.1%, On ice sh%: 9.41
12-13: QoC: .262, (5th FWs) Corsi rel: 9.8, (2nd) Corsi On: 0.99, (2nd) Zone start: 47.3%, On ice sh%: 9.23
13-14: QoC: 1.063 (3rd FWs) Corsi rel: 6.2 (4th) Corsi On: 2.63, (4th) Zone start: 52.2%, On ice sh%: 6.04

As you can see, his QoC, and Corsi is pretty much in line with where he has been year by year (in terms of position on the team amongst forwards.) Though this year he is maybe getting the worst QoC he has faced he is also getting more good zone starts... which even out to make his minutes ~equal to how they have been over the last three years.

(Everyones Corsi On being so much worse but with similar Corsi rel to two years ago would simply indicate the team this year and last has just been worse than before as a whole!)

Therefore the only real outlier in his advanced performance is the shot % this year while he is on the ice. The only people worse on the team in on ice shot % are Hartnell, Voracek and Rinaldo... Hartnell and Voracek being there is pretty telling.

His PDO is also the lowest among forwards (after Raffl).

If the shot % was normal as it has been for the last 3 years (9.2-9.4) that would represent a ~3.3 raise in shot % when he is on ice. Considering the Flyers have had 708 shots... and Giroux has been on the ice for circa 220-250 (based off his TOI, PP time and % of offensive production per year (circa 30%)), if his on ice shot % was 'normal' that would be an extra 7-8 goals while he was on the ice so far this year.

That would put him ~PPG this year if the on ice sh% was the same as previously. Ofc some of that is his sh% being down... but it would seem to indicate he is playing at an equivalent level to usual... just having little puck luck so far.

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