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11-28-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by BrianBoyle View Post
I wouldn't say people are turning him, more that they're concerned about his seemingly frequent lapses this season. He's had some vintage Hank performances, no doubt, but he's been leakier this year than in the past few years. He played well tonight, and I can't complain about his performance, really, but that Bjugstad goal was terrible, and it's a goal that has beaten Lundqvist in the past when it's mattered. Like the Ryan Carter goal a few weeks ago.
People remember the soft goals (which every goalie gives up through the course of a season), and don't remember the incredible stops. Its just human nature. How about in the first period when Lundqvist made 4 saves on one play sprawled across the crease. Does that not count? Does the fact that Lundqvist's numbers are stellar over the last 14 games or so not count because he has a few weak goals on his ledger? Cam Talbot's 6 starts (6!!!!!!!) empowers this silly argument perpetuated by spoiled brats who are used to the amazing run Lundqvist has had for 8 years and counting. Most of these people probably don't remember when the Rangers were starting Guy Hebert in net, or when Mike Dunham's game fell off a cliff.

The most ironic thing of all is alot of these people are the same ones that begged for a new coach to "unlock the offense" so that "we wouldnt have to rely on Lundqvist as much." Considering that hasn't happened (big surprise ), now the target is on Lundqvist for giving up 2 goals a game instead of 1 over the past month? Its bizarre and its reactionary.

Its just odd that the guys that are big net positives for this team are often the target of such off-based criticisms when theres plenty of real waste on this roster to complain about.

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