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01-23-2004, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Teezax
Where do you guys from. You watch Primeau play one game and you make an opinion. You should be honored for once that you have at least one Hab going, now you want 3? And where do you come off saying Hitch and Quinn picked the team? It's no secret that primeau doesn't have the "Ribeiro" stats, but any GM in this league would take Primeau over Ribeiro in a heartbeat. The guy is the front runner for the Selke for God's sake. If you want to talk about non deserving, take a look at the Dallas 3 that are starting. Now learn hockey before you call this a dissapointment, and watch more Flyers games.... Ribeiro, give me a break, if you blow on the guy he'll fall.
Then Ribeiro gets up and sets up a goal. I don't know why Primeau is such a lightning rod for criticism. If Madden were there people would applaud a defensive center getting recognition, Primeau shoild be seen in the same light. He gets the defensive assignments and he does the job. His numbers aren't big but he can dominate defensively. Relax, though, young fans want to see their young players recognized, nothing wrong with that. Your "you should be honored" crack condescends in a manner that your team's historical performance doesn't justify. We haven't won in 10 years but then again.... Yes I know the Flyers have been a solid team for awhile now, good for you.

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