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11-28-2013, 03:13 PM
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Great points on DOMS - it occurs when the muscle is exposed to an unaccustomed load - so even if you workout all the time, but they change from a forward lunge to a lateral lunge in one phase of your training you can trigger an episode of DOMS.

It is a signal of actual micro-trauma to the muscle - under electron microscope (if you have one of those handy ) you will actually see a disruption of the individual sarcomere units.

So the pain you get is a result of the inflammatory process as the body deals with the damaged muscle and repairs it. As someone else mentioned, when the muscle is repaired, it is repaired stronger than it was before - so it is better equipped to handle those specific loads.

Icing can help and a good cool down routine may also reduce it, but will not negate the muscle damage.

If you are getting DOMS-type symptoms in your adductors after every single workout, then I would be a little concerned that something else is going on. If it is only when you change up your routine, really bump up your weights or emphasis eccentrics, then I would give yourself a day or two and it will recover.

I hope that helps a little.

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