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01-23-2004, 11:43 AM
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I'll bet ya right now that Tootoo won't drop them with Vandy. And he can't hide behind the enforcer thing- Vandy is all of 6'0. Tootoo is a steve avery/matt cooke agitator. Unfortunately, he isn't smart enough to keep the gloves tied on(like Cooke), and he will get smoked one day.

I'm not sure what part of cheap shot artist you guys in Tennesee don't understand. Tootoo boarded Stevie Poapst, and Bell came up and challenged him to go. Tootoo: no no no. Bell turns away and Tootoo throws off the gloves and starts throwing.

Bell turtled? Geesh. I'm trying to understand your definition's here:

A guy who turns down a fight, waits to the other guy turns to go off the ice, then starts throwing *DOES NOT EQUAL* cheap shot artist, punk.

But a guy who eats a couple of Matt Johnson style shots, than turns- grabs- and pulls down Tootoo, is Turtling. I will guarantee you that Bell won't be turtling on 2/7/04, the next time we play the preds.


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