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11-28-2013, 07:41 PM
A New Beginning
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It's not Stockholm, that's for sure. Hockey is about to more or less die out here. AIK have big problems with both attendance and staying afloat in the top tier. (it's probably just a matter of time until they're demoted if nothing happens)
Djurgården is a middle of the pack team in the second tier.
Hammarby collapsed (both on the ice & economically) and had to start all over. Now in the 3rd tier. etc, etc...

SHL is more and more for the countryside clubs with a strong economical backup from the region. Stockholm? Not so much, they just don't give a **** here.
AIK & DIF should try to get in to the KHL in my opinion (and others). It's probably their only hope for the moment. But it's important that both clubs stay connected, the rivalry is more or less their lifeblood. (Been so since 1891 in all sports. The clubs/fans sure hate each other tho (some times even violently) but they also need each other probably more than any other clubs) And if both would be accepted to the KHL, things can turn around, maybe? At least it's a better option than the death-sentence they more or less are living under atm.

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