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11-29-2013, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue n Gold Forever View Post
I like Tropp. I don't think he was given enough time to come back from his injuries and evaluate what he could offer the Sabres long term.
That's one reason I don't like this move.

The second reason is that the guy they got is one of Ted Nolan's hockey camp guys. Makes me wonder how much objectivity there is in the decision making process.

The biggest reason I don't like the move is that they need a GM to be making these moves. Lafontaine stated from the get go that he is not qualified to be a GM, yet here he is, acting as a GM and making a lot of moves. It's apparent that Ted Nolan is behind most of the moves that have been made. I just have to wonder how potential GM candidates view what's going on here with the Nolan/Lafontaine connection and wonder where or how they might fit in.

While I understand that Nolan and Lafontaine want to move the team forward, I think that every move they make in absence of a GM makes filling the new GM position tougher and tougher. Lafontaine has already said he's not qualified to be a GM. Yet here they are, making move after move after move. How is this going to sit with whomever they hire as GM? Quite frankly, I'd be wondering if it was implicit that Nolan remain as permanent head coach and how much power he (Nolan)has to make personnel decisions. How would you like to come into that situation as the new GM?
This sounds like a post that would be made if LaFontaine traded Miller before hiring a GM. It's not like they've done anything major, and why shouldn't Nolan have input on the moves? He's the coach of the team. Also, lets not pretend that these decisions are made solely by just Patty or Teddy or anyone... there's obviously input from tons of people on any personnel move. So far, they sent two teenage defensemen down, called up two older prospects in the AHL that earned promotions through their play, called up Sulzer, and now Tropp/D'Agostini. It appears that the GM search is going to be thorough given that it's been two weeks, so there might not be a GM for a while... should they just make no roster moves until then?

I appreciated Tropp's hard work, and that can get you somewhere in the NHL, but he just never really offered much with his play. Realistically, what's his ceiling as a NHLer? Decent 3rd line guy? It looks dumb to just lose a guy on waivers like this, but players like Tropp grow on trees.

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