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11-29-2013, 05:37 AM
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Originally Posted by dats81 View Post
If and that's a big IF our scouts are unanimously convinced that he will be a #1 I would consider the proposed deal.

If we only get a project who becomes a Coburn lite this is horrible value.
I agree. It's no secret that Larsson has struggled since being drafted but that's not entirely his fault. He was 18, is still just the same age as Coots, and hasn't been given much help on ice. He hasn't had any mentoring on the ice, he was just thrown to the wolves against some of the leagues top players and expected to be the"savior" of the Devils defense. It's an overwhelming task for any young dman. Oel and Pietrangelo were given time to develop. Subban struggled a lot in his first few years. If we want a guy who can be a true #1 then we are going to have to take a chance BEFORE they break out.

Larsson has ALL the tools to become a true #1. Most importantly he has it between the ears. His vision and understanding of the game have never been a question mark. Coburn has all the tools but just doesn't have it between the ears, something Larsson doesn't suffer from.

I'll be honest with everyone, from last year through this year I've been unimpressed with Simmonds. He has stone hands. He just can't put the puck in the net and a PWF who can't score is pretty useless. Trading him doesn't bother me in the least. If he can be the center piece in a deal for a guy with even just a CHANCE of becoming a true #1 then I wouldn't lose a nights sleep even if that guy turns out to be just another"Coburn". I know everyone here is just so in love with Simmonds but honestly, look at his play unbiasedly. What he does well is hitting, hustling, and fighting. That's about it. He's just not a good play maker nor goal scorer.

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