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Originally Posted by duffy9748 View Post
He's played around 70 games since 2011-2012 when he scored 93 points and put up 14
Points in 6 games vs. Pittsburgh. That doesn't qualify as a few years. I understand he needs to produce no matter what the circumstances are but you don't trade a player like Giroux at 25 years old.
65 points in 72 games (better than any other flyer by 7 points, and = 74 point pace over an 82 game schedule)... while shooting at 7.9%... when his average before was 12.5% and he had never been below 11% in 4 years.

His shot % is sure to revert to the mean... heck, if it was 12.5% over the last 72 games he would have 25 goals instead of 16 in that span... and therefore have 74 points in 72.

He most likely aint finishing this year with a sub 8% shot tbh. (he is at sub 5% at the moment.)

Only 19 forwards in the last 15 seasons have got 60 points while shooting sub 8%... two sub 6% and 8 sub 7%. (G is on pace for ~60 now even with his sub 5% shot.)

Half of that figure is pretty much Zetterberg and Gomez... 8 times between the two sub 8%, Gomez the only guy sub 6%, and 5 of the 8 sub 7%.

Zetterberg has not shot above 10% in 5 years and Gomez has been above 10% once in 13 years... and shoots 7% for his career. Not exactly in the same kind of shot% range as G has been for 4 years.

That is supposing that his wrists were not permanently damaged by Crosby in the playoffs... but tbh when you see him shooting he still has just as hard a shot.

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