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11-29-2013, 10:01 AM
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Can Nolan resurrect Leino?

Leino has been playing pretty well under Nolan. If Nolan can get him to continue this level of play or better does that change anyone's mind about using a compliance buyout on him in the offseason?

I ask because we will still need stop gap vets for the next year or so. If Leino can fill the bill as a top 6 or top 9 center. It would help take some pressure of the young centers in the system. It would also allow the team to keep players on the wing that should be there.

One of many things about Rolston that drove me crazy was his insistence on forcing young players into the center position. Particularly ones that belonged on the wing and tracked out down the line as wingers. He also had no plan for how to deploy his lines. Rolston should have been using stop gap vets in the roles that were open not forcing kids out of position. With Nolan using Leino at center its allowed Grigs to be sheltered behind two straight forward top 6 lines with centers that will be tasked with the heavy lifting (Hogdson/Leino). Its also allowed Ennis and Foligno to go back to the wing.

I know keeping Leino is verboten with many on here. But we will still need vets on the team and we need centers as well. We really don't have any potential NHL ready centers coming up next season beyond Larsson. Counting on Grigs as one of the top 9 centers next year is still a dicey proposition even with his improved play under Nolan. Leino's contract really isn't that bad if viewed in the light of this new role. As in 4.5mil for a stop gap top 6/9 center so the kids can develop in their proper slots. We really wouldn't be able to sign a player like that for much less.

Granted the idea of keeping Leino assumes he will continue to play as he has under Nolan for the rest of the season. So I realize its premature to assume he will. But lets assume it anyway for the purposes of this discussion


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