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01-01-2007, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by turnbuckle View Post
O'Sullivan will be 22 in a month, and has totalled 2 NHL points.

Latendresse won't turn 20 for another six months and he has totalled 17 points in his last 25 NHL games.

Yet several have picked O'Sullivan, who is still playing in the minors for several reasons. I find that puzzling.

Lats is going to be a beast, and I think he'll put up better goal scoring totals than O'Sullivan at the NHL level. O'Sullivan isn't a very good skater, has a questionable work ethic, and isn't overly large. While Latendresse is far from a good skater, he's improved by leaps and bounds the past two seasons. He's 230 pounds, and hits like it, but he's also still got some baby fat, as Aaron Downey admitted on OTR two weeks ago when he said he has love handles. Imagine Latendresse in a couple more years when he's added muscle and lost some more baby fat...he'll be one of the tougher guys in the league to bring down; he already plows though a lot of defencemen.

Is Lats being penalized because of Hab fans overhyping him at the 2005 training camp? Do some fans still put more stock in what he did at last year's WJC than what he's achieving 12 months later at the NHL level?

IMO there's no way you can consider O'Sullivan a better prospect. He was a key component in a deal where the Kings gave up their most talented forward, and yet he's in the minors and can't crack a mediocre Kings' lineup. Crawford's first year in LA; I'm sure he gave O'Sullivan a fair shake...he's not going to **** Lombardi off right away.

I'd be willing to bet the Kings braintrust likes Lewis and Kopitar better than Patrick O, along with Cammalleri as well. I wouldn't be so sure he'll even be a top two center on the Kings in a couple of years.
O'Sullivan is a world class talent and Lats is not. The Kings are not a young team. They are an old team with 4 young players. Crawford put Sully on the 4th line and gave him 6 minutes a game. No one ever said he had a bad work ethic and you penalizing him for not being "overly large" is silly at best.

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