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Originally Posted by sanityplease View Post
How big are your shoes?
Why is that relevant? There's no correlation.

Originally Posted by JZCislesHockey View Post
My power skating instructor (Barbara Williams) thinks that my skates are too large. I have CCM U+12's in a 10.5, which I got a bit larger as my feet are still growing. She thinks I should go down to a 9.5 or 10. Will the little bit smaller make a difference in my skating abilities?
This is always a difficult scenario as it's very very costly to buy new skates every few months as your feet grow, especially if you hit growth spurts.

The best thing from a performance as well as value standpoint is for you to be fitted properly by a store given that you will be growing. They should be able to put you in a size that's bigger than your true size now, but not too big as to impact comfort and performance.

Why did she say that the skate size might be hampering you?

Originally Posted by JoeCool16 View Post
If your skates are too big for you, yes, it'll make a difference. I've worn what felt like a size up at a public skate before as a rental, and I could barely stay up. Your skates should be the best-fitting piece of equipment you have, next to your helmet! Could you maybe get a cheap pair to use during your lessons, and then switch back to these ones once you grow into them?
Well, that could be due to the poor quality of the rental, not necessarily the skate size. While skate fit is paramount, you need to consider the fact that parents cannot and do not want to spend on skates every few months. Everyone needs to find a happy medium.

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