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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Burke is light years smarter than Lowe. For one thing he understands the importance of experience and continuity especially when it comes to the coaching staff. Hartley is a solid reason to replace him unless the team quits on him.

Its not that I am fairly positive about the Flames rebuild...its more about how incompetent the Oilers have been during their rebuild. If you look at things objectively (which is very hard for most Oiler fans to do) the Flames have already done more right than the Oilers.

I see many more things in place for the Flames than I did for the Oilers over the last 4 years. The Flames have a solid veteran presence in Wideman, Giordano,Glencross, Hudler et al which is critical when you are adding young players to the mix. They have coaching continuity with an experienced coach and a strong system. The Flames need to find a goalie (with the FA crop this off season and plenty of cap space that shouldnt be an issue).

So the Flames have pieces in place that the Oilers are still trying to fix...a good defence, good veteran support, a gritty lineup, coaching continuity, a smart hockey man in Burke and cap space.

The Oilers screwed up royally by hanging on to useless veteran players and waited until the 4th year to do anything to help that cause.
The Oilers STILL have a bad defence despite the fact they have maxed out the cap year after year. They still are too easy to play against 4 years into the rebuild.
Its mind boggling how a team can still be so bad and have little to no cap room.
They have absolutely no coaching continuity and changed they system almost every year. They decided that the solution to the system and the coaching was to hire a rookie coach.

To top things off they have an incompetent buffoon like Lowe still on staff because he is buddies with the owner. The same can probably be said for Bucky.

The fact of the matter is that the Oilers have f-ed up this rebuild beyond belief. There is really no way to do it worse.
I don't disagree about Hartley being a good coach but Burke has a track record and in every situation he has always put his own people in place. You expect he will change that now? The season ticket holders know Hartley isn't the Flames long term solution.

I think if you look at the Oilers situation objectively you'll see a number things went worse than most would have imagined to start the year. I don't need to list all of the disappointments but even adequate goaltending would have helped a lot.

As for the veteran leadership, I don't think you've watched them enough....Glencross & Wideman have been beyond awful. Wideman, simply can't defend to save his life and the best thing Glencross has done for this team is get injured because the play has died on his stick all year. Gio & Hudler have been great but Hudler is having a career year and there is still a lot of questions in regards to Gio. Furthermore, to call their defense good is laughable at best. Beyond Giordano & amazingly Russel this year they have been awful and are actually worse from a GA standpoint then the Oil.

As for the Oilers, no question that continuity has been an issue but Eakins & MacT have been steadfast in their opinions that this IS and issue so I don't think we'll see change there anytime soon. Eakins system is working and while it's been a transition, their play hasn't been as bad as the numbers indicate, despite putrid tending to start the year. They have a good forward core and as annoying as the rebuild has been there are pieces in place for this team to take a step forward. Is it certain? No, but the D core is evolving, the kids are learning and they aren't as far off as this season has shown. I'm not hear to tell you how to view the Oilers but if you're truly being objective about things, you'll see they aren't as far away as the early results have indicated.

Regardless of "Lowe is terrible etc." Every neutral fan and to be honest most Flames fans understand the Oilers are well beyond the Flames from a building standpoint. I share 8 seats with a group of 20 guys here in Calgary, 17 Flames fans 3 outsiders. Obviously, I hear a lot about why the Oilers suck but even this extremely biased group has the opinion that Oilers are going come out of this thing with a strong squad and eventually they will be at the very least a contending team.

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