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01-23-2004, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Evilo
For the zillionth time you don't send to juniors a player that outplays NHL vets and proves he belongs.
Now that he's not as good, then we'll have to monitor his play and if needed send him down.
NEWSFLASH: It's needed. Send him down.

Come on Olive, surely you guys see there's some serious negatives and drawbacks to his current situation. He's learning to lose. If it goes on for too long he might just start to get complacent about losing, to accept losing. There's only one team in the league that lets in more than a goal more than they score and the Pens let in 1.67 more than they score.

I've heard a lot of GM's and coaches talk about the importance of putting young players in a position to succeed. Fleury is in a position to fail. There's no possible way he can be expected to win more games than he loses and that will have a negative effect on his mental game and his confidence.

I think it would be a great experience for him to backstop a good junior team like Cape Breton and try and make a memorial cup run. Playing with the Penguins at this point (no Lemieux, no Straka, no players of note at all) is going to have more negatives than positives.

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