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Originally Posted by bjac View Post
If you read my post, you'll realize that I think that we NEED to aquire a 2nd line center. There are 2 methods of doing this: from within, or trade/ufa. I already said that we don't have a 2nd line center, and therefore, I was saying that we should try and trade for one (because we dont have one in the system). But, on the other hand, if we are going to send away alot of pick/prospects for a rental, so we should be careful about what we pay for a 2nd line center.

As far as trading centers, I don't think it would be a bad idea to swap Pleks for another player of his caliber that could be more useful. I am not saying letting him go for nothing, but if I good deal comes along (especially since centers are somewhat in demand right now), then take it. It's obvious that you underrate Bonks importance to this team. He centers a line that is constantly matched up against the Crosby's, Ovechkin's, Sundins, Briere's and other elites of the league and still manages to be a line of over +30. That is damn impressive. Bonk is perhaps the only center (asides from Koivu) in which I wouldn't trade right now. Pleks isn't big or strong enough to be as effective as Bonk is. You don't have faith in Lapierre (which is fair because he is a rookie), but I do. This guy is NHL ready. I wouldn't expect him to score a point a game or anything, but he could easily be the 4th line center if he is needed to be. I wouldn't want Bob to trade Lappy (and I doubt he will). Murray is expendable (pretty obvious that this guy is the easiest upgrade the Habs can have). The Habs are deep with 3rd/4th line centers, trading one of them isn't going to make our 2nd line center situation any worse since none of these players can fix it.

PS: You may think I am hard on Pleks, but I actually like the guy. I just feel that realistically he has to really step it up, because there are alot of players fighting for the same position (or role) that he is in right now. Players like him and Ryder are very good trade bait right now.
If you read mine, "are you serious" was about having someone who can play between the two russian rockets

You can't be serious about the Plekanec/Bonk comparison, the kid was doing Bonk's job last year (for some reason, everyone seems to forget it), and he was damn good at it. True, he's not as strong but he's way faster and his transisition game is better. He play a different style of game than Bonk but he's as effective if not more, and for about 1.8M$ less...

Murray can't do the job on a 3rd line - he doesnt even do it on a 4th, Bégin is not as efficient as a C, Lapierre showed he could do well on a 4th line already but that doesnt mean he would do good on a 3rd, Johnson is one of our very few natural RW...

We don't have as many 3rd line C as you seems to think, aside from Plekanec and Bonk there's no one really... if you trade Plekanec, not only you lose depth but also lose a cheap ($) replacement for Bonk next year...

and in a cap world it's not like you're going to get much return for a 600K$ a year player anyway...

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