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Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
Really? I've always thought Burns was one of the more overrated players in the entire league. Good no doubt, but not a superstar like I've heard people claim.

Btw, remember when the Islanders were supposed to be good this year. I'm taking some pleasure in watching their struggles after how arrogant their fans got in the offseason.
He is not a superstar by any means, but he is a damn good player... as a D man I think he is better than anything we currently have (40-45 points and solid D (07-12 when he played D, 5 years with that kind of production)... great skater as well, basically in my mind Coburn who gets 15-20 more points a year.) So basically a 1b.

He #1 PKed (in last two years at wild) and was #1 PP for the Wild (and the Sharks, though 1/2 PP there while on D) while having 23-25 mins a night. He always has good Corsi compared to his teammates as well, and in Minny was usually getting top pairing D QoC on average as well.

He's looking like a 65 point winger this year and last as well.

I only really rate him so highly as my little brother is a Wild fan... so got to watch a lot of him when he was at Minny, and now watch a fair few San Jose games as they are an enjoyable team to watch.

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