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01-23-2004, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Darz
I agree with a couple of the points you make, but in all honesty if every GM in the league had the choice between Primeau and Ribeiro, I think alot would take the more offensive, young Ribeiro.
The fact that you make comments like "Ribeiro, give me a break, if you blow on the guy he'll fall' tells me you should take your own advice and watch more habs games and I think you'll change your tune.
Ad for Primeau making the allstar team over Rib's, I think that is the right call. Primeau has had a good year and has been a good player for a long time now. No way I consider him named to the team a mistake. If Rib's can keep playing like he has so far this season over his career, he will be attending a few allstar games as well though.
I appreciate your reply, but in all honesty i live in Montreal, so YES, i do watch almost every Hab game or hear about it. I know what Ribeiro can do, but you cannot compare his one sided game to Primeau. When he broke his thumb, and was out of the lineup indefinetly we completely looked flat on the ice, what he brings is a lot more than paper stats. That is what the GM's and VIP's saw, and that's why he's in. Hitch has maybe 2% power in bringing him there.
The problem with Ribs is he hasn't really been noticed outside of the Montreal Media. We blow him up to be the next coming of Gretzky, the kid's good but unless he can matchup well against the other big centres in the east, he will always go unnoticed. And yes I know the Habs just beat the Flyers, but who cares, it's one game out of the last 7... and our D was depleted!
No excuses though, you were due.

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