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01-23-2004, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Flames Draft Watcher
I don't think ignoring the score makes any sense. Wow, he took Iginla out of the last few minutes in a 4-0 game. That had zero effect on the game at all and I think will help fire up the Flames in future meetings. A pissed off Iginla is not the Iginla other teams want to see, that's often when he plays his bets.

Hey if we have to wait for Phaneuf to join the NHL before Tootoo gets what's coming that's fine. But no doubt he's going to be a target of the Flames for a while. You don't mess with our star and think the rest of the team will forget it.
Did you ever think that maybe they were having words and that's why they fought. There are more reasons to fight than taking a star player out of the game. Maybe this had been brewing the whole game.

It's OK though, when Tootoo beats the hell out of Phaneuf too, you can make another post like this...

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