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11-30-2013, 01:25 AM
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After coming back from an injury Late August or so return), I've felt like I've been fighting the puck more than playing with it. I've tried different curves and flexes in my arsenal of sticks and haven't really been able to feel totally comfortable. Today I picked up a stick extension and lengthened two sticks by an inch (95 flex G3 pro stocks in a Sakic and Kreps curve stock Bauer length) in an effort to see if maybe I can get something going during a 5v5 no sub Ironman tourney. I previously played with a Sakic curve on a longer stick and liked it, but went shorter for better stick handling. I play a speed, power forward type game and starting losing some extra inches to protect the puck or use my long wing span to really get the puck out there.

During warm ups, it was like night and day. I didn't lose much stick handling and it actually made it easier to stick handle head up. The flex dropped into a range I prefer much more in ~90 versus 95 or 85 on other sticks I have. I was back to making plays and playing much more comfortably. I even had a slap shot snipe top corner in a game I subbed for another team coming down the right side on a semi breakaway that went top blocker. I also discoursed the flex and flex profile makes my wrist shot release effortless with much more zip. Can't wait to go at it again tomorrow for the knockout stage.

At 6'2", the stick comes up just below by lips in shoes. I think I've found my sweet spot and just have to continue to utilize my skates to play pucks in close. Amazing what just an inch will do.

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