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11-30-2013, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
We disagree.
The standard is not displaying so much COURAGE you are shoo in for the Congressional Medal of Honor.

"putting something on the line that you can lose" takes courage.

I displayed the courage of my conviction to the extent I opened myself up to even further ridicule in the event I was wrong.

I didn't say, now give me the Medal of Honor.

I said, hey, I was right about Kreider, and that applies to like 95% of the board.
Even if they disagreed, we were cool cause it was polite.

But that 5% that had to be nasty, and condescending, let the record show I was totally right, they were totally wrong, they can and pucker up.
That they have coming. And under the circumstances of how much guff I took to stand to my point, I am entitled.
Congrats on your courage for turning out to might be right about a prediction. You also might turn out to be wrong so I can see why you would want to collect your prizes quickly in case you have to make a quick getaway out of town.

You really seem to be missing the point that you have accomplished nothing. As to why you are so desperate to accept accolades, that is not a reasonable topic for a hockey opinions board.

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