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01-23-2004, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Garfield
Mountie, I understand what you are saying but you need to know all the facts. Yes, he did take Iginla off the ice but there was only 3-4 minutes left and they were losing 4-0. Surely if he was effective, he would have done this when it mattered. They needed a spark long before 4 minutes left in the 3rd.
The problem here is that everyone assums that Tootoo fought him just to give his team a spark. This is not the case. Tootoo drilled Mcammond momments before the fight. Iginla took exception, and cross-checked Tootoo in the back. Jordin turned around and gave Jerome the beating he deserved. I fail to see how Jerome isn't "ready" to fight when he was the one that initiated the whole ordeal. He got what he deserved, and Tootoo effectively set the tone for the next game between these two teams. In all areas of the game last night, the Flames came out and beat the flat- Preds, except in the fight department. Tootoo taking down Iginla at the end of the game has put a bittersweet taste in some Flame fans mouths and Iginla himself. Good. Exactly what needed to happen. We may have lost the game, but at least we stuck up for ourselves and left on a bittersweet note. It will only make the next game all the better.

Also, I take exception to comparing Tootoo to Avery and Cooke. Tootoo at least drops the gloves and plays a very physical game that he will back up with fists if needed. He isn't a little puke who runs consistently from fights, and in fact has been drawn into bad penalties by others turtling against him. There is a major difference between the two types of "agitators". One hides behind the instigator rule, while the other does not.

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