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11-30-2013, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
TSN = 76-77 Montreal Canadiens (Best talent, best analysis, most knowledge)
Sportsnet = 76-77 Caliifornia Golden Seals (worse in every way and games Ive seen are not even in HD)

A real Travisty!!!!

Betteman chases the all mighty dollar and pays lip service to the true knowledgable hockey fan!


TSN ... You will be missed!!
Of course Bettman will chase the dollars. That's part of his job. More money out of TV deals means more Hockey Related Revenues, which basically means more money for everyone in the NHL..

What Bettman did is good for the NHL.

It's bad for TSN, which means it's bad for Bell, but most of the guys you see on TSN will get jobs for rogers/ctv and you'll see them there. The good thing for them is that they have 12 years guaranteed to make their product better.
I might be in the minority, but I'm glad this was done. Not for TSN, they had a solid programming, and they will keep having one as long as they keep their personnel.
But for RDS, I always felt they put forth a very mediocre product because they had no competition. I mean, morons like freaking Michel Bergeron being used on a daily basis to analyze games??...I can name 10 posters from here without blinking for a second that would do a better job.
Nothing wrong with competition. It only increases the quality of the product.

On a side note, I know someone that worked for RDS, and he had a falling out with them for some seriously stupid reasons, and they tried pinning it on him. I don't want to venture into it but it's some seriously high school drama Bull to da freaking shat. So I'm glad they lost their exclusivity rights. Screw them. I hope TVA will get Claude Quenneville back, he was good. Much better than Houde.

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