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11-30-2013, 06:51 AM
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Originally Posted by intangible View Post
Oh, I'm not talking about trying to right the ship.. I'm talking about reducing cost. You have to figure Rivers is the team's biggest personnel expense. The way they're going -- just lost again tonight -- they would do just as well under the Assistant Coach as they have with an ex-NHLer. Or maybe it's the Assistant Coach who gets the ax next to save cost. Just can't imagine they can keep it running with just over 2,000 people and likely the majority of them being for $5.
I mean.. I'm just guessing here.. but given everything that went on and all the pre-launch uncertainty surrounding the Chill, there's got to be NO WAY that Rivers agreed to coach the team without signing a fully guaranteed contract for the season..

Presumably, he's also smart enough that the contract would be enforceable against the Mavericks as well as the Chill.

So I think firing their coach would actually cost them money.

I cannot envision a scenario whereby Rivers agreed to coach without guaranteed salary for the entire season..

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