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11-30-2013, 09:58 AM
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Made the trip with 6 friends

Arena: Great building, turn out was a joke. Maybe 3,000 people tops. Best team in Junior hockey and people would rather watch the Leafs lose to Buffalo ??? How long before Mississauga is sold or moves ???

Otters D: Steady and pummeling (does that word exist).

Donnay: You mess with Donnay you get punched out and destroyed. THe kid he fought last night took a beating. Donnay has to easily be one of the best fighting D in the OHL.

Refs: Yeah there were seom bizzare calls last night, adding on the misconducts and insitgator minor.

Oscar Dansk: Stellar and S as in Stud. How on earth he did not get one of the 3 stars, who was smoking the Rob Ford Crack Pipe ? If anyone ever doubted Danks not being the # 1, man did he bounce back last night.

OHL MVP: Opps, sorry Some guy named FOX, who used to play for the Knights, yeah I know all he could do was get a hatrick last night.

Gaunce: The guy got his first goal and he had some other chances and still needs some more time to gel with the team, but that guy plays both ends of the ICE, solid two way player, you see him flying back to the Otters zone when Mississauga had the puck. the only place this guy will float is in his pool with an OHL Championship Ring on his finger.

Coach: OtterNews, Eddie, OtterGolfer, what I like about Knoublach and why the guy is as smart as it gets is. The game is yeah I know 5 to 0, Mississauga takes a penalty and he puts out Petit, Evans and Betz as the # 1 Power Play unit and then for the second Power Play unit he puts out Murphy, McDavid and Brown, which almost had Murphy potting a beauty goal on a McDavid set up only to be roobed by the goalie. The coach knows it is a team game, spreads it around, gives other players a chance, helps their development and rests some of the top guys.

Best Team: Is it too early to say that this might just be the greatest Junior team ever assembled ? Hey and this is comming from a guy, who only recently was a die hard Knights and Spits fan, but how can you not love ERIE, they just play as a team. If this keeps on going the OTTERS will be the hottest and toughest ticket to get in all of PA !!!

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