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11-30-2013, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
The reality is sometimes you will have to throw down when you play like the Bruins do. Losing Prust and Dubinsky hurt the Rangers a lot. They would always go to the dirty areas--do the dirty jobs. Prust was obviously better at defending himself and/or his teammates than Dubinsky but Dubi was always willing.
I do not disagree at all. It is a part of what was lost and has yet to be replaced. It took for so long for the entire locker room to be willing to throw down for each other. And then was ripped apart and now is a rudderless ship again. Sather greatly underestimated what loosing Dubinsky and Prust would do. Or his arrogance, as they are not pure skill players, never even allowed for him to see it.
They can all play. Apart from Dylan McIlrath on the farm the Rangers really don't have anyone like that--the next closest would be Stu Bickel, Arron Asham, Brandon Mashinter and Micheal Haley--guys who are all decent AHL players.
As has been said for a long, long time. As much is it is mind boggling how under Sather that the team has not been able to develop a top-6 forward, equally as mind boggling is how the team has failed to develop a 3rd liner like you describe that the Bruins have in spades. The reality is that as opposed to looking to have the bottom-2 lines filled with scoring potential, it would have helped if they were addressed not with underachieving failures like Pouilliot, but with foot soldiers. But again, as the foot soldiers are not pure skill players, Jackass looks down on them.

At this point, I would be more than willing to have Haley skate on the 4th line as opposed to Pouilliot or Pyatt. For that matter, Asham as well. I am all for benching the underachieving P's and giving Haley a true shot and letting Asham play as well. They surely would not float through a game the way that the others do.

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