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11-30-2013, 11:07 AM
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Agree With You Mississauga vs. ERIE

Originally Posted by BramptonFan09 View Post
This one was just down the street from my place so of course I made the trip to see 97 who was unbelievable tonight. The guy could have had 6 goals. He was flying! Erie top 6 is the best in the OHL it was utter domination tonight. Really impressed by the two way play of Mike Curtis too a career year for him hopefully someone takes a chance and gives him a pro tryout. Fox with 30 goals now and brown with 54 points! Anyone who didn't get a chance to see the game missed a lot of talent on display an defies stars did not disappoint.

Again the Defense was outstanding. I think just about everyone would agree that if someone told you a month before training camp that spencer Abraham would even be on this team let alone top 10 in defenseman scoring tied with Adam Pelech you'd tell them they're crazy. That guy put in work in the offseason. Who needs Alex basso! Dermott continued to show poise along with Raddysh. This team was on tonight and huge to see oscar dansk get the shutout and play really well! A huge confidence boost for him! Will be watching tommorow on TV.
Brampton Fan I agree with you the one thing I might add, at least from what I saw in a 6 nothing game DAY on Mississauga, the only thing EXCEPTIONAL, about that kid, is that they even granted him EXCEPTIONAL, like really the OHL now is probably for nothing more than marketing and hype grant one execptional per year, talk about over used.

I am sorry, the kid was decent, but the reason you are exceptional is that in a 6 to 0 game, at least you stand out, or do something for your team. Good thing ERIE passed on this kid. Wish him all the luck in the world and one day he might be excpetional, but not now, no way he is in the same leauge as McDavid, Tarvares, Eckblad. Just IMO, anyone care to agree or disagree ?? Also how in the world did OSCAR, not get a start last night and they actually gave a 3RD STAR to a Mississauga player, for what, coming to the rink, not takng a penalty please !!!!

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