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11-30-2013, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by BramptonFan09 View Post
This one was just down the street from my place so of course I made the trip to see 97 who was unbelievable tonight. The guy could have had 6 goals. He was flying! Erie top 6 is the best in the OHL it was utter domination tonight. Really impressed by the two way play of Mike Curtis too a career year for him hopefully someone takes a chance and gives him a pro tryout. Fox with 30 goals now and brown with 54 points! Anyone who didn't get a chance to see the game missed a lot of talent on display an defies stars did not disappoint.

Again the Defense was outstanding. I think just about everyone would agree that if someone told you a month before training camp that spencer Abraham would even be on this team let alone top 10 in defenseman scoring tied with Adam Pelech you'd tell them they're crazy. That guy put in work in the offseason. Who needs Alex basso! Dermott continued to show poise along with Raddysh. This team was on tonight and huge to see oscar dansk get the shutout and play really well! A huge confidence boost for him! Will be watching tommorow on TV.
I watched on the livestream, McDavid was all over Missy last night. You're right its amazing he only had two points, this game could have been a lot worse if not for the goaltending of Spencer Martin. Part of the reason the defense is so good right now is because we are playing the puck possession game extremely well. I love the Curtis pickup as well. All three of our overagers are having career years, especially Fox. I dont know why people think we need to replace Abraham. He's a very good 3rd pairing dman, and he runs the second powerplay unit well. A big confidence for Dansk definitely, hopefully going back to the white pads turns it around for him.

Originally Posted by KnightSpit View Post
Made the trip with 6 friends

Arena: Great building, turn out was a joke. Maybe 3,000 people tops. Best team in Junior hockey and people would rather watch the Leafs lose to Buffalo ??? How long before Mississauga is sold or moves ???

Otters D: Steady and pummelling (does that word exist).

Donnay: You mess with Donnay you get punched out and destroyed. The kid he fought last night took a beating. Donnay has to easily be one of the best fighting D in the OHL.

Refs: Yeah there were some bizarre calls last night, adding on the misconducts and instigator minor.

Oscar Dansk: Stellar and S as in Stud. How on earth he did not get one of the 3 stars, who was smoking the Rob Ford Crack Pipe ? If anyone ever doubted Danks not being the # 1, man did he bounce back last night.

OHL MVP: Oops, sorry Some guy named FOX, who used to play for the Knights, yeah I know all he could do was get a hat trick last night.

Gaunce: The guy got his first goal and he had some other chances and still needs some more time to gel with the team, but that guy plays both ends of the ICE, solid two way player, you see him flying back to the Otters zone when Mississauga had the puck. the only place this guy will float is in his pool with an OHL Championship Ring on his finger.

Coach: OtterNews, Eddie, OtterGolfer, what I like about Knoublach and why the guy is as smart as it gets is. The game is yeah I know 5 to 0, Mississauga takes a penalty and he puts out Petit, Evans and Betz as the # 1 Power Play unit and then for the second Power Play unit he puts out Murphy, McDavid and Brown, which almost had Murphy potting a beauty goal on a McDavid set up only to be robbed by the goalie. The coach knows it is a team game, spreads it around, gives other players a chance, helps their development and rests some of the top guys.

Best Team: Is it too early to say that this might just be the greatest Junior team ever assembled ? Hey and this is coming from a guy, who only recently was a die hard Knights and Spits fan, but how can you not love ERIE, they just play as a team. If this keeps on going the OTTERS will be the hottest and toughest ticket to get in all of PA !!!
Giving a Missy player 3rd star was pretty silly, should have been Dansk or McDavid. But that's really not that big of a deal. Honestly, I'm not sure how good of a fighter Donnay really is. He doesn't fight much. He destroyed that poor kid last night just because he was a good seven inches taller. Gaunce definitely needs some more time to gel with his linemates, he hasn't done much offensively yet. But his defense is impressive, I think he should stay on that line with Fox and Brown. McDavid is so dynamic with Burakovsky. I did like what Knoblauch did with the powerplay. Gave the bottom six guys more ice-time and didn't run the score up on Missy. We have a great team here in Erie, but its way too early to call them the greatest team ever assembled. I don't think the 04-05 Knights will ever relinquish that title, that team was unreal.

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