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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Trust you reviewed the Hart voting for the 1954-55 season. Per the AST and Award voting, thanks to BM67.

HART: (323/324, 103-119)
1. Ted Kennedy, Tor C 86 (40-46)
2. Harry Lumley, Tor G 61 (23-38)
3. Maurice Richard, Mtl LW 36 (19-17)
4. Jean Beliveau, Mtl C 21 (14-7)
T5. Doug Harvey, Mtl D 18 (7-11)
T5. Gordie How, Det RW 18
7. Bernie Geoffrion, Mtl RW 16
8. Red Kelly, Det D 15
T9. Leo Labine, Bos RW 10
T9. Red Sullivan, Chi C 10
T9. Danny Lewicki, NYR LW 10
12. Earl Reibel, Det C 7
T13. Ken Mosdell, Mtl C 4
T13. Alex Delvecchio, Det C 4
T15. Don Raleigh, NYR C 2
T15. Terry Sawchuk, Det G 2
T17. Sid Smith, Tor LW 1
T17. Fern Flaman, Bos D 1
T17. Gump Worsley, NYR G 1

Note that there was a mid-season vote and an end of season vote. In both votes Ted Kennedy and Harry Lumley were first and second.

So how did the writers know by midseason that Ted Kennedy was going to retire? How did they get non- Toronto writers on stream with the voting strategy? Especially the Montreal writers at mid season before Richard's meltdown that cost him the Ross?

The Hart voting from the split voting period is available here:

What you suggest simply did not happen and would have been near impossible to organize.
This thread is primarily about Rollins' 1954 Hart Trophy but also touches on Kennedy's 1955 Trophy:

I don't know why you think the writers have to "organize" something - they are sportswriters and are going to write articles about their opinions all year.

Anyway, this is the most relevant post from the thread:

Originally Posted by nik jr
Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
Never seen anyone claim that Kennedy and Rollins not being on the all-star teams is the mistake rather than their Hart wins.

Kennedy finished tied for 3rd in assists with twice as many as any other Leaf, and 5 of his 10 goals where GTG. With all that he brought to the team besides scoring, he certainly has to be a Hart contender. I would have to think his not being an all-star is a bigger gaff than his winning the Hart.
i have found many newspaper articles from may of 1955 about kennedy's hart, and his retirement and that he had never won an award are mentioned far more than his play in '55. i also found an article that said that winning the hart will not change kennedy's decision to retire.

kennedy said in spring of '54 that he would retire, but he played another season "as a personal favor to Conn Smythe." whether kennedy would retire was a big issue in the NHL, and conn smythe said kennedy could have any salary he wanted if he would play another season.

iirc, conn smythe publicly said (i think in '54, after kennedy said he would retire) that it was a shame that kennedy had never won an award and was missing from the (1st) all star team every season.

windsor daily star from '54:
For although his 12 year in the NHL have left their mark on the balding leaf captain, I'd like to see him continue for a few more years and go on to win a few more well-dressed awards like the Hart Trophy and all-star centre on the first team, which for some inexplicable reason he has never received.
part of a column in the val d'or star from may of '55 says:
Maybe his threatened retirement had something to do with the voting, but we don't think so.

based on all of those things, it looks very much like it was a career award.

i also wonder if there was another season in which the top 2 in hart voting played for a .500 team.

pappyline may be right about schmidt's '51 hart, since i have also seen the same talk about career in reports, rather than about schmidt's play in the '51 season.
Kennedy has a very good Hart record before 1955, and it would appear he "deserves" it. But actually winning the Hart in his retirement year real does look like something of a career achievement award.

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