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11-30-2013, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Some people are acting like it's the first time Chara blasted a slapshot by a goalie. Fastest shot ever recorded in the history of the league and that's supposed to be a routine save?

Some of you really need to get out there and play and you'll have a much better appreciation for the game and the level of skill you're watching. All the goalie is doing there is making himself as big as possible and hoping the puck hits him somewhere. It's not like you can react to a 120 MPH slapper from, what, 30 feet away?

Let's just put this in perspective - 120 MPH is 176 feet PER SECOND. You figure out the reaction time from 30 feet or 40 or whatever you think it was. at best it's .25 seconds from where it was shot to where it ends up.

"soft goal". LOL.
You're out of your face if you think that puck was moving 120 mph

He saw the whole shot, from wind up to follow through from 30ft away with a clear lane.

An nhl goalie, especially the best one, is supposed to stop that every time

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