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11-30-2013, 11:24 AM
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Dropped my blank Orange at Voorhees SkateZone to get it Simmonds-ized... Discovered that I had overestimated it and it was only $65.00 plus tax, bringing it to $69.55 and bottom line total cost of $139.55 less the $10.00 Kohl's Cash... so I'll have my sewn on Pro On-Ice customized Simmonds Replica in 2-3 weeks for under $130.00.

While there I quickly browsed the shop... recovering from her operation wife was in the car, so my time was limited... I quickly noticed some sweet on-ice worn equipment for sale... Coburn's and B.Schenn's (autographed) gloves among others for $85.00 Coburn's was pretty new-like but Braydens was well used with blackened palms... quickly moved on to see many helmets... some high numbered laundry bags from wanna-bees for $25.00 -- were once sold at WFC for $50.00 and now there for $40.00... once passed up buying Jagr which sold by my next lap around the Atrium.. now kick myself I the arse each time I think about it -- but by far the most interesting items were the goalie gear... great to see and even greater to handle and inspect. Boosh pads for $750,00 IIR and various other pads and gloves and blockers by various goalies who passed through the System, including the likes of one Michael Leighton (maybe the ones that cost up the Cup in 2010? ) and the prize items there were by far the Bryzgalov items that were going for a king's ransom... his pads were marked at $2,000.00 per set... The goalies equipment were so nice to feel the quality of; so solid, yet so relatively light... I wanted to spend more time but my guilty feelings were allowing me only a couple minutes with the wife in the car... even though I did crack the windows ... seriously, she is great about it and doesn't complain, but has been going through so much like a trooper after her nasty cancer bout; she could be a Flyer, she is so good about it... I plan on returning when I can to take more time with what is still left... hopefully before I have to pick up the #17 jersey, and I will report on anything else that I may find interesting.

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