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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
Well, if you spend on nothing, invest in nothing, and rely on gas prices to get you by...
Russia's budget has grown immensely from what it was about 10 years ago. And they have spent and invested, although more investment especially in infrastructure is needed. The salaries of state workers and pensions have risen.

Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
Russia's in trouble, don't pretend everything is all rosy. As a citizen, it's in your best interest to be concerned, is it not?
I'm not pretending Russia's economy is in a great shape now. I already said it is not.

But how is Russia "in trouble" compared to other European countries? When I look at basic indicators of the Russian economy they seem to be doing better than most of the European countries. Their budget deficit is small. They have no debt. Their unemployment is small. Their economy is still growing, even if the growth rate is small.

The big question is how sustainable Russia's current economic model and can Russia ever reach the living standards of Western Europe with the current economic model.

Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
No. Just no. How are you gauging this "fiscal performance"?
You can google it.

Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
Yes, Ukraine is in complete ****. Ukraine is Russia without the oil. Oligopoly, mafia state with the entire economy captive and syphoned off to offshore accounts.

Putin didn't do anything, right place at the right time.
Nigeria and Venezuela have also lots of oil but their economies are not in Russia's level. Russian economy = oil and gas is incorrect.

And yes, Putin did a lot of good thins especially during his first predidential season of 2000-2004.

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