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Originally Posted by teddy83 View Post
Why does so many "experts" leave Barkov out of the team?
Because there is no age handicap in the olympics.

Many people are dazzled by Barkov, and it's justified. It is pretty damn mean feat tor an 18-year-old to make it where he is. However, the key notion in the preceding sentence is his age. When you compare him to all players, no matter the age, you'll soon come to a realization that his stats are actually pretty mediocre and he obviously still has a lot to learn.

Barkov's achievements need to be put in perspective. Yes, he will no doubt be a superb player for both the Panthers and Finnish NT one day. And he probably wouldn't be lost in Sochi either. Here's the thing though - if Sasha were a, say, 30-year-old player instead of 18-year-old, playing like he is now, and we had a pick of four or five centres with better showings, how many of you would be having him in?

Currently, Barkov is a player who doesn't look out of place in Florida's lineup by all means. But he isn't yet somebody who can decide games for them on a nightly basis. Yet, Florida has no need to reduce his role, because they have time. They can happily wait a season or two to groom him into a such player. Team Finland doesn't have the time. They need players who best fit that mold by February.

Now, I won't complain if Sasha makes the final cut. It'd be interesting to see how he holds up. But I also won't complain if he doesn't make it. Because being a superkid does not make him a superman, or even better than average. Not yet.

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