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01-02-2007, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Raven25 View Post
Canuck Homerfest!!

I live on the WetCoast and the lack of objectivity here when discussing Canucks prospects vs. anyone here is quite hilarious. The low point for me probably would have been years back when a table of 'nucks fans were belligerently telling me that Jason King was a vastly superior offensive player to Ales Hemsky......

I went to several of the World Junior games last year here and saw both Schneider and Pogge and AS OF NOW it's a saw-off between the two SKILLS WISE...I agree that Schneider has slightly better reflexes (nice glove particularly) but Pogge decidedly gets the nod for positioning and technicality and I would also give him an advantage (perhaps slight) in lateral movement (the way Pogge comes across the crease is downright impressive). Both are very good at judging shooters and challenging accordingly and both have shown strong rebound control(even for now). Pogge is the best stickhandling goalie prospect around hands down. Coaches and, most recently, Leafs' goaltending coach Steve McKichen rave about Pogge's mental make-up, maturity and composure and commitment to becoming a No.1 goalie.

So I ask, why is it Schneider "in a heartbeat"... ?

For me, for now, Pogge / Schneider is a draw.
So a few idiots that you know make the posters on here homers? Granted, there's probably not a huge difference at this point between Schneider and Pogge, but I haven't seen either of them nearly enough to say either way.

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