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11-30-2013, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
He said 'Matt Read' in response to me saying that the Flyers move along players who they have little invested in and thus didn't really allow much time to find their niche at this level (when many felt they could have). Matt Read did, and thus he's still here, but the same would have happened if he struggled to find his game as well. You can't name one without acknowledging all the other players who were Matt Read at one time, and then were no longer Matt Read.

Like Gus, they're not given much chance to learn from growing pains, and then got moved on for little or nothing. It's not a condemnation that they got nothing for them, few have done much elsewhere. But the development system was and has been poor for a long time, and the Flyers didn't invest as much time at the NHL level to find a place. The next guy is moved up, and then gets moved along because of the vicious cycle of awful scouting and development exists. Thus, my comment that the Flyers are terrible finding players who weren't first round picks. Only 2 or 3 did they give just enough to do something with them, but they are likewise outliers. And the two guys they actually got somewhere with, Ken Hitchcock didn't know what to do with them (Sharp, Seidenberg).
Lately they've been better. Read, McGinn, Rinaldo, Lauridsen, are all later round picks who are doing pretty good picks/pickups. The Flyers have been far from a perfect drafting, FAR from it, but late round picks who turn out to be above average NHL players are pretty rare. Unless you're the Red WIngs

Read technically a pick, but its the same thing.

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