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01-23-2004, 03:10 PM
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The level of ignorance on this site involving hockey fights is pretty suprising, since the level of actualy hockey knowledge is generally pretty high, save for a few posters. The recap is pretty accurate, save for how the fight started. Igninla was obviously giving TooToo **** for the hit, and they came towards each other. This is where the "cheapshot" was, as TooToo sorta lunged at Igninla and gloved punched him. They then seperated and fought as is described in the recap. Lots of times when a fight starts guys "come together" first, and this is really what happened here. And I don't know why people expect a pestto follow the Queensbury Rules against the other teams star player, but the only thing that was really out of line from Tootoo was the handwipe after the fight, which he said later he probably wouldn't have done if he could take it back.

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