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01-23-2004, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
Tootoo didn't jump Iginla. Iginla cross-checked him in the back, and they immeadiately went at it. What do you expect......Tootoo to skate off? We all know his personality, you KNEW he was going to drop them, and he did. And Oliwa did lose to Mac, although it was a hugfest. My point was the fact that the Preds won 3 out of four fights. And at worst Won two, tied one, and lost another. Considering the only Predator that lost was Jeremy Stevenson........I'll consider that a win in the Preds department as two more players of much more importance lost their fights on the Flames side (Iginla and Kobasew). After all, not only did Tootoo win a fight against the Flames captain, he made him frustrated enough to make comments to the media about it.
I'm watching a clip of the fight and I don't see a crosscheck in the back, unless it happened a little before the fight, in fact I see them both come towards each other between the circles. Tootoo, didn't jump Igninla, but he was as much an aggressor as Iggy was. However, the fight wasn't a big deal, whenever someone does anything the least bit questionable in a fight versues a star player, people get pissed. Look at the Thornton vs. Lindros fight. Most people get their heads after a bit and realize its a fight.

I think the only reason Iginla is really pissed about this, is genearlly when two shielded players fight they square off and take their helmets off, at least thats what Iggy is used to. Some others just get at it, forget the shields. I don't think Iginla thought it was a big deal, and if he did he'll take care of it. But Tootoo is far from a punk, and fights more than nearly any pest, save probably Avery.

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